Did you that if you

Did you that if you own a website, you are GUARANTEED to be sued at least

Why? Because right now (and unknown to you) your website is violating
this Government Internet Law…which you had no idea even existed.

And because you haven’t fixed this little problem on your website…you will
end up becoming a victim…to get-rich-quick people…who would gladly take
you to court.

It happened to famous R&B singer Beyonce, who was shocked when she was
sued because her website…was not in compliance with this Government Internet

Right now, the lawsuits are rising…as many website owners…are shocked to
find themselves in court…and…are FORCED to settle out of court for outrageous
amounts of money.

The amounts are so ridiculous that even…big and well-known companies like…

Netflix not only had to pay the defendants but it spent over $755,000 in attorney
fees alone.

Target had to pay a jaw-dropping $6 million in damages. And…

Harvard did not only settle out of court but also spent $1,575,000 in legal costs.

Even NBC News, ABC News, Fox Business News, and other stations have reported
on this  growing and alarming lawsuit all over the place.

The bottom line: Thousands of companies…are becoming victims of these insane
lawsuits…which are already sweeping websites across the internet.

You need to be aware that, MANY scam artists…now see this as a way to make a
fast buck. So, they are browsing the internet and looking for any website…that is
in violation of this Government Internet Law. If unfortunately, they find your website
…you can be rest assured…YOU WILL BE SUED!

Now, if you too don’t want your website to be the next victim of this INEVITABLE lawsuit
shakedowns…and…would like to know what these laws are…and…HOW TO FIX IT

Then just go to this website, for the thrilling details…


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